Village Competition 2018

Beautiful Birds!  

This year’s competition celebrates the beauty and variety of the bird world, real or mythological – Ostrich to Goldcrest, Pheonix to Firebird.

Let your imagination take flight and enjoy creating a truly gorgeous model to welcome in the start of Spring and visitors to our village.

Please complete an application form and register your entry so the Judges know where to view your entry and who created it.


Group competition – under 18’s/over 18’s – school, pre-school, village clubs, local businesses, churches, pubs, community shop

Individual competition – Junior 3 yrs – 11 yrs  Senior – 12 yrs – 18 yrs More senior – 19 & beyond

Each individual Junior/senior who enters will receive a small prize and a prize goes to the winner of each category.

Application forms available at: Kingsbury Primary School, The Community Shop, The Rusty Axe and The Wyndham Arms or from Carrie Hartley 07805 429414, Susan Irvine 01935 824505, Anne Blotheridge 07980 524157.